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Despite its impressive aerial capabilities, the Jetovator is actually incredibly easy to learn to operate. The idea of balancing atop a moving hose sounds impossible but the Jetovator provides such a stable platform that we can train just about anybody to operate it safely and proficiently within twenty minutes.

Tandem Jetovator

The Tandem Jetovator is the Newest product created by Jetavation.

The new Tandem Jetovator makes flying easier than ever and offers new flyers the option of training with a certified flight instructor. This is the perfect addition to any Hydro-flight Rental Operation who are looking to maximize revenue and operator safety. 

Freedom Flyer

Originally this special Jetovator model was designed to offer disabled pilots the freedom to fly with ease in the comfortable sitting position that they are accustomed to. We also designed the controls so they would be very similar to manipulating the wheels of a conventional wheel chair and the flying experience is very similar to balancing a wheelchair on its two main wheels.


However, since it's inception we have expanded on its use making it available for everyone.

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Norcal Jetovator

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